Radial Arm Saw Discussion

This weekend, I sold my radial arm saw. I sold it for $5 (5x more than I was asking). I wanted it gone the same day I listed it. I effectively got paid to have it removed. Aubrey thought I should have listed it higher, around $40. I checked other listings of the same saw and they are still up days after being posted. What do you think? Should I have listed it for more and made Aubrey park her car outside until it sold or be happy its gone?

FYI – The guy who bought it came from Glendale and I-17.

3 comments to Radial Arm Saw Discussion

  • Mom

    I think the more interesting question is.. how did you sell it for more than your asking price???? Wait a minute!! Paying more than the asking price hhummmmmm…. That sounds like your dad’s negotiating abilities. Oh no…Did he buy it???

  • Just because listing are up doesn’t mean they aren’t sold. People are lazy and don’t bother with deleting their listings and then get all grumpy when you contact them. I think you should have sold it for $20, just to make it worth your time.

  • Kathy

    Definitely should have sold it for more. Where did you store it all this time? Aubrey wasn’t parking outside all this time. You should have taken it to your parents house and sold it from there. Could have gotten more and their house is more central.

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