Phoenix Children’s Museum

Ethan and I went to the Phoenix Children’s Museum this morning with Stroller Strides. We had a lot of fun. He really enjoyed the kitchen area. He had a lot of fun with the frying pan and “food”. It was cute to see him so focused and having so much fun. There was a grocery store area, but he just wanted to go back to the kitchen. He’s my lttle chef. Enjoy these pics.

3 comments to Phoenix Children’s Museum

  • I think someone needs a play kitchen!

  • Aubrey

    I really wish we had room for a play kitchen. I can’t convince Eric to make the spare bedroom a play room. He already has a train table in the works. I can’t let my whole living room be taken over. :)

  • Eric

    Between his room and the living room, he has more than enough room for a play kitchen and his train/ego table. :P

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