Mother’s Day Photos

Carolyn had the idea of taking photos my mom for mother’s day. I decided to one-up her and use them along with Ethan’s hand print for Aubrey’s mother’s day gift. Here are the photos. If you want to print them, let me know and I can send the hi-res ones.

Thanks to Riley for the mad photo-taking skills.

3 comments to Mother’s Day Photos

  • Mom

    Love the pictures. Tell Riley, thanks so much. They are awesome. And yes I would like to print them. Send me the hi-res pics. And thank you all for the wonderful mother’s day gift!

  • We live in California so we don’t have any big trees in my yard. But we have lots of little ones that grow fleorws on them in the spring. But then they grow into the power lines and are cut down Great picture of the tree at your school! I agree with Chris, what is 40 40?

  • Back in the Fall, I donated a full sesiosn to Louisa Cares, with all proceeds going toward local earthquake relief. a0Laura won by being the highest bidder! a0It was so much fun to finally meet her sweet family in a new location! a0You can see their youngest daughter’s smash cake sesiosn here~

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