Ethan’s swim lessons

Ethan started swim lessons today. He did fantastic! He cried which is expected, but he grabbed the bar as he was instructed to do. He also has great breath control. He takes a breath before she dunks him under the water. He would be under water for three to five seconds before grabbing the bar all by himself. He also was faced away from the bar and he would turn to grab the bar. It was so awesome to see my little guy learning a new skill (He’s not my baby anymore. He is learning to swim. That is crazy!!) I may be a little biased, but he did such a phenomenal job this morning. He is going to have ths swimming thing down so quickly! I strongly recommend Infant Swim Resource to all parents that are looking for swim lessons!! The website is . Pictures will follow soon.

*Edit: The main national website is, while a group of Tucson ISR instructors operate

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