Sand Dunes President’s Day Weekend 2011

The Sand Dunes were a lot of fun this year. The sand rail was running well until we broke the front left spindle and the wheel fell off. After pushing the rail out of a big bowl, Mark from Irontree Plumbing helped tow us back. We tried a few things. First we tried towing backwards. . . . → Read More: Sand Dunes President’s Day Weekend 2011

Ethan’s First Movie in the Theatre

On Friday we took Ethan to see his first movie in the theatre. We saw Ice Age 3. He did really well! The popcorn, redvines, and big screen held his attention until about 20 minutes before the movie was over. So then we just took turns taking him out in the lobby to let him . . . → Read More: Ethan’s First Movie in the Theatre

Day Trip to Sedona

Last Tuesday, May 19th, Angie and I took the kiddos for a day trip to Sedona. We had a great time and it was nice to get away for a day. We left Maricopa at about 9:30 and arrived in Sedona at about 11:30. We proceeded onto Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock specifically. We took . . . → Read More: Day Trip to Sedona

Phoenix Children’s Museum

Ethan and I went to the Phoenix Children’s Museum this morning with Stroller Strides. We had a lot of fun. He really enjoyed the kitchen area. He had a lot of fun with the frying pan and “food”. It was cute to see him so focused and having so much fun. There was a grocery . . . → Read More: Phoenix Children’s Museum

Its Ultimate Season

Ultimate season is almost here. Carolyn and I played last night at open play. She did really well. She made good cuts and got open. She only had a hat thrown at her once. We are playing this Sunday again to practice throws and catches.

London’s Run

We did London’s Run in Queen Creek this Saturday. We did the 2k fun walk. Several of Aubrey’s stroller strides friends did it. Melissa did the 10k in under an hour, making the rest of us look bad. After the walk, there was a pancake breakfast and some kids activities like bouncers and a mechincal . . . → Read More: London’s Run

Flag Football Begins

I started a Maricopa Parks and Recs Flag Football League today. Nate Devlin recruited me to play on his team. We played two games today at Pacana Park. It was a lot of fun. Except, I did get a bloody nose from colliding with a guy. The swelling should go down by tomorrow. It was . . . → Read More: Flag Football Begins


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