Ethan Singing

We were watching American Idol when Ethan was . . . → Read More: Ethan Singing

Christmas 2009

Christmas was fantastic this year. Ethan really enjoyed all of his gifts. Here is a this . . . → Read More: Christmas 2009

Christmas 1990

A few years ago, we found an old VHS with this video on it. Its from Christmas 1990. I was 8 years old, and its flagrantly obvious why I became an electrical engineer. Its a great to see these . . . → Read More: Christmas 1990

Ethan’s 2nd Birthday

Well, its been almost two months, but here is the video from Ethan’s birthday. Special thanks to Matt Adams for doing most of . . . → Read More: Ethan’s 2nd Birthday

Trip to Williams

We began our trip to Williams last July when we booked our reservation for the Polar Express. A week ago, we decided to extend our trip by a day by staying Saturday as well as Sunday. Saturday night, we stayed at the Canyon Country Inn. It was a very cool house turned hotel. It is located . . . → Read More: Trip to Williams

Halloween Party 2009

We spent last night at Robert’s and Jodi’s annual Halloween party. It included a pumpkin carving contest and costume contest. Aubrey and I went as George and Jane Jetson. Here are some photos of my pumpkin. It was really fun to hang out with our friends. Aubrey even had an alcoholic beverage!

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. . . → Read More: Halloween Party 2009

For Anyone Who has Given a Woman Directions

I am (grossly) generalizing here, but this is for anyone who has given a . . . → Read More: For Anyone Who has Given a Woman Directions

Guys Night Out

Aubrey had a Moms Night Out tonight, so Ethan and I turned it into Guys Night Out. We went to Mando’s for dinner. As we entered, Ethan spotted a fire truck and was extactic over the spotting. At Mando’s, we each had a burrito, me Carne Asada; Ethan a Pollo. Here is a cell phone . . . → Read More: Guys Night Out

Ethan – Movie Star

He is . . . → Read More: Ethan – Movie Star

Ethan’s Train Table – Stage 1

I finished the stage 1 of Ethan’s train table. This phase consisted of completed the table without legs or paint and convincing Aubrey that a 6′ x 3′ table is normal sized. As it turned out, I over-engineered it extremely. I could jump on it without it even flexing. I guess 3/4″ MDF was excessive. But . . . → Read More: Ethan’s Train Table – Stage 1