Ethan’s First Movie in the Theatre

On Friday we took Ethan to see his first movie in the theatre. We saw Ice Age 3. He did really well! The popcorn, redvines, and big screen held his attention until about 20 minutes before the movie was over. So then we just took turns taking him out in the lobby to let him run around. It . . . → Read More: Ethan’s First Movie in the Theatre

Ethan grubbing Taco Bell big boy style

. . . → Read More: Ethan grubbing Taco Bell big boy style

New Closet Shelves

I finished the shelves today. I still need to paint them. I think they turned out very well. Lots of room left over after I put all of the stuff back in the closet, including the carpet shampooer. Hopefully, nothing falls tonight. After I paint them, I will move on to the master closet. . . . → Read More: New Closet Shelves

Baseball with the Frains

Today, Ethan and I went to the Diamondbacks game with Monica, Barrett, and Ryne. We had alot of fun. Ethan enjoyed his hot dog, peanuts, and red vines. It was great hanging out with the Frains. We even hope to go camping in the next couple of months. Regarding the ball game, it was the D-Backs . . . → Read More: Baseball with the Frains

My new Baby

The big brother (Springfield Armory XD40) and and the little brother (Glock 27).

Here is a closer look at the new addition.

The Glock also has a grip extension attached to the bottom of the magazine. It makes room for my pinky finger. It may be 115 this . . . → Read More: My new Baby

Maricopa Crop Dusting

One morning, I was disturbed by a very loud lawn mower. It kept coming and going. Finally I got out to see it and this is what . . . → Read More: Maricopa Crop Dusting

Ethan the Monkey

The other day, Aubrey found Ethan on top of his changing table. This is how he . . . → Read More: Ethan the Monkey

Camping – Ethan, Ryan, and Eric

Ethan went camping with Ryan and me two weekends ago. It was alot of fun. Ethan liked throwing sticks and watching Ryan break sticks in half. We saw a small herd of cattle that Ethan thought was funny. Ethan did a great job staying away from the fire and other dangerous situations. Here is a small . . . → Read More: Camping – Ethan, Ryan, and Eric

Ethan and His Ultrasound

I found some old photos of Ethan’s Ultrasound. Pretty . . . → Read More: Ethan and His Ultrasound

First Weekend without Ethan

So this weekend Eric and Uncle Ryan took Ethan and went camping in Flagstaff. This is the first time I have been away from Ethan for two whole nights. It sounded like a great idea while they were planning it, but as it came closer I was not so sure about it. It ended up turning . . . → Read More: First Weekend without Ethan