25 Things About Me

I love being a mommy. I think it is the most rewarding job because I get to spend all of my time with my little guy and see him grow and do new things every day. I love my husband because he works so that I can stay home and do what I have . . . → Read More: 25 Things About Me

25 things about Eric

Both Matt and Stephanie Adams posted a 25 list, so I jumped on the bandwagon, not to be confused with the Cardinals bandwagon.

My favorite beers are Moose Drool, Fat Tire, Kilt Lifter, and when I’m feeling manly, Arrogant Bastard I am only happy when my plate of life is overwhelmingly full. I want to . . . → Read More: 25 things about Eric

Flag Football Begins

I started a Maricopa Parks and Recs Flag Football League today. Nate Devlin recruited me to play on his team. We played two games today at Pacana Park. It was a lot of fun. Except, I did get a bloody nose from colliding with a guy. The swelling should go down by tomorrow. It was . . . → Read More: Flag Football Begins

Eric & Ritch Shooting

Ritch and I went shooting Friday. It was the first time I fired my brand new Springfield Armory .40 hand gun. I fired 10 magazines for a total of 120 rounds. Walmart has 50 .40 rounds for about $13, making it an affordable trip. We used the range in Casa Grande again. My shooting peaked . . . → Read More: Eric & Ritch Shooting

Aubrey Turns 26

Aubrey turned 26 Sunday. She enjoyed a nice, long birthday weekend. It started by meeting my parents, brother, and new sister-in-law for dinner at Rock Bottom Friday night. Saturday, we had a party where neighbors, Aubrey’s family, and stroller strides friends came over. We had between 5-3000 babies and toddlers over. It was a great . . . → Read More: Aubrey Turns 26

Fun in the Flagstaff Snow

The Devlins’ (Nate, Melissa, Keanna, and Carson) invited us to their home in Flagstaff for the weekend. Their home backs up to Mount Elden and its national forest. We had alot of fun. We arrived early Saturday afternoon in time to enjoy lunch at La Fonda Mexican Restaurant. It was very tasty. Then the kids . . . → Read More: Fun in the Flagstaff Snow

Ethan Shopping

We went shopping the other day. We let Ethan walk around the store. He liked this part of the store.

. . . → Read More: Ethan Shopping


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