Eric & Ritch Shooting

Ritch and I went shooting Friday. It was the first time I fired my brand new Springfield Armory .40 hand gun. I fired 10 magazines for a total of 120 rounds. Walmart has 50 .40 rounds for about $13, making it an affordable trip. We used the range in Casa Grande again. My shooting peaked at the 8th magazine. I was shooting a 7 3/8in round target on a 8.5×11 sheet of paper. The Green line is shots on the paper. The blue line is shots on the target. I did get 3-4 bull’s eyes, which is always nice. I am practicing a good opposing-forces grip (right hand pushing and left hand pulling) and a slow trigger pull.

Eric's shooting accuracy

When we were there, we met some guys shooting off .50 bolt action rifles. When it fired, the muzzle break created an 8 foot cloud of dust. Flippin sweet. Below is my accuracy. Here are some photos. We also conducted another experiment; ball round vs. hollow point vs. hydra-shok. Hydra-shok won.

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