25 things about Eric

Both Matt and Stephanie Adams posted a 25 list, so I jumped on the bandwagon, not to be confused with the Cardinals bandwagon.

  1. My favorite beers are Moose Drool, Fat Tire, Kilt Lifter, and when I’m feeling manly, Arrogant Bastard
  2. I am only happy when my plate of life is overwhelmingly full. I want to be an expert in web design, web development, Linux Administration, Windows Administration, Digital Circuit Design, Digital Architectures, Digital Signal Processing, Lighting, Photography, Sales, husbandry, fatherhood, leadership, shooting, … I think that is it.
  3. By day, I design next generation medical device signal processing architectures. By night I husband, father, and develop web applications.
  4. Economics fascinates me. I get very excited when I see the free market work. I get very frustrated when I see it bastardized by government intervention.
  5. I love to learn. In fact, I call it my crack addiction. My formal education is currently in its PhD stage (in Electrical Engineering). If in the future, I got a law degree, an MBA, and an MD degree, I wouldn’t suprised, but I probably wouldn’t be married either…
  6. I love to read, but have no time for fiction. Books on history, politics, economics, are fantastic.
  7. The book, Unintended Consequences kickstarted my love of the 2nd Amendment and its true meaning.
  8. I am probably the only athiest to start a bible study group.
  9. I mountain bike, I play ultimate frisbee, and now flag football, all less than I should
  10. I am a radical Libertarian, believing in personal choice, extremely limited government, the rule of law, and liberties.
  11. I believe the root of all morals are personal liberty
  12. My faith in modern medicine is about as strong as my faith in Social Security
  13. I can only drink coffee at work, where I am sitting in front of a computer thinking heavily. Every where else my hands are too busy.
  14. I hate staring at my shoes. I take as many opportunities to meet new people and spend as much time as possible strengthening current relationships.
  15. One day I will finish my beer delivering robot
  16. I am usually the cheapest person you will ever meet. The only exception is on vacation, when I spend like its going out of style. Also, when I do spend money,  I choose to buy quality items that last instead of cheap ones that don’t. That does not apply to anything purchased at Harbor Freight.
  17. Despite what others may think, I have the best wife in the world. She knows me so well, she doesn’t have to ask how my day was.
  18. The next car I buy will be paid in cash. I can’t see myself financing any depreciating assets.
  19. I’ve learned more about money and people from Primerica than anywhere else.
  20. I have 1 desktop, 2 laptops, and a server at home. I run Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and FreeBSD. None of my computers can support Vista. I will buy a Mac before I go Vista.
  21. I love open source software and its communities. I love that I can ask a question in a forum and some one will answer, freely exchanging information. I contribute to several forums to ensure a strong future for open source software.
  22. I don’t throw anything away until it has no possible future use. That means keeping old computers, bikes, pens, paper, chairs, anything I can reapply to my life.
  23. I think most college degrees are a waste of money. Most people don’t need college degrees to be successful in life. Most self made millionaires started their own trades company.
  24. I wear the pants in my family. Its a good thing too because my legs look terrible in a skirt.
  25. I want to teach my kids strength, honor, about ethics, money, and how to win friends and influence people.

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