Radial Arm Saw Discussion

This weekend, I sold my radial arm saw. I sold it for $5 (5x more than I was asking). I wanted it gone the same day I listed it. I effectively got paid to have it removed. Aubrey thought I should have listed it higher, around $40. I checked other listings of the same saw . . . → Read More: Radial Arm Saw Discussion

I Passed my Qualifier’s Exam

The exam went very well. My presentation took just over 40 minutes. One of my committee members couldn’t make it due to bad weather in New York. I had very good constructive comments and questions. After a few minutes of discussion, I heard my result… Pass.

Thanks for everyone’s support and well-wishes. Below is the . . . → Read More: I Passed my Qualifier’s Exam

PhD Qualifier Exam 3/30

My PhD Qualifer Exam is on 3/30 at 9:15am. The title is Estimating Human Movement Using a Three Axis Accelerometer. In the event you need help falling asleep, here is a link to the report (Qualifier Report). But be forewarned, nausea may follow.

Shooting – 2009-Mar-12

I went shooting with Mario today. It was a great way to spend the morning. I shot around 120 rounds. Below are my results. I did not include the last magazine where I shot one handed from 15 feet. That score was 9/11 out of 12. That means 9 high the 7″ target, and 11 . . . → Read More: Shooting – 2009-Mar-12

Happy Birthday Kathy

Happy Birthday Kathy. Post any fun photos from your day.

Eric’s List of 5 Passions/Addictions

Inspired by the Adams’… These are in no particular order…

Exercise – I love exercising in ways that don’t seem like exercise. I play ultimate frisbee (2 hours of sprinting), mountain biking (the cliffs and cacti keep your mind off the calories you are burning), flag football. I love being outdoors, getting my heart rate . . . → Read More: Eric’s List of 5 Passions/Addictions

Us and Monkey Parents

It turns out we have more in common with monkeys than we may appreciate.



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