Eric’s List of 5 Passions/Addictions

Inspired by the Adams’… These are in no particular order…

  1. Exercise – I love exercising in ways that don’t seem like exercise. I play ultimate frisbee (2 hours of sprinting), mountain biking (the cliffs and cacti keep your mind off the calories you are burning), flag football. I love being outdoors, getting my heart rate up, and feeling the adrenaline when I catch the long huck or am rock crawling my way down National. Its way too cool to give up and I hope to share them with my kids.
  2. Politics – There is something addictive about personal freedoms and liberties. The liberty bug bit me and I keep feeding it to keep it near. I’ve gotten better about my soap box, but I still like sharing my ideas and debunking others. I think shooting my gun falls in this category too.
  3. Family – My only reason to have passion in the first place, hopefully I get to share my passions with my family. Roughhousing with Ethan or watching a movie with Aubrey is way too good to give up.
  4. Work – I am addicted to work. I need to specify this. I work at Medtronic 40 hours a week, thats it. Outside that, I am always looking for more web design/development to push my skills. I constantly need to have my plate overloaded, hence my PhD, Primerica, Web Design, Work, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, music class with Ethan, and anything else I cling to.
  5. Beer – Beer is my friend. There is no better beverage than a cold dark beer. Fat Tire (see 1), Moose Drool, Kiltlifter, Arrogant Bastard are just the beginning. We are living in a beer revolution right now and I love every minute of it. The important thing is Ethan likes it too.

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