Day Trip to Sedona

Last Tuesday, May 19th, Angie and I took the kiddos for a day trip to Sedona. We had a great time and it was nice to get away for a day. We left Maricopa at about 9:30 and arrived in Sedona at about 11:30. We proceeded onto Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock specifically. We took . . . → Read More: Day Trip to Sedona

Cougar Hunting

It turns out Onyx would not be a good cougar hunting partner as previously thought.

Embedded video from CNN Video

D-Backs game with the kids

Last night we went to see the D-Backs take one San Diego Padres, or Pears if you ask Holley. The game was alot of fun. The D-Backs had a 6-0 lead until the 7th or 8th when the Padres got 4 runs. Luckily, the D-Backs only gave one run, a homer, in the top of . . . → Read More: D-Backs game with the kids

Ethan’s swim lessons

Ethan started swim lessons today. He did fantastic! He cried which is expected, but he grabbed the bar as he was instructed to do. He also has great breath control. He takes a breath before she dunks him under the water. He would be under water for three to five seconds before grabbing the bar . . . → Read More: Ethan’s swim lessons

Ethan’s Swim Lessons Started Today

Ethan started his swim lessons today. He is not a big fan right now, but its totally worth it. These lessons are swimming survival lessons. That means the goal is to teach him how to survive falling in the pool if by chance he were to end up in the pool area without an adult.

. . . → Read More: Ethan’s Swim Lessons Started Today

DBacks vs. Reds

I attended the DBacks game with some friends from work. Duane knew the home plate umpire who let us have his tickets right behind home plate, row 32. Great seats. After the game, we met the umpire who gave us used game baseballs and took us out on the field, see below. It was a . . . → Read More: DBacks vs. Reds

Mother’s Day Photos

Carolyn had the idea of taking photos my mom for mother’s day. I decided to one-up her and use them along with Ethan’s hand print for Aubrey’s mother’s day gift. Here are the photos. If you want to print them, let me know and I can send the hi-res ones.

Thanks to Riley for the . . . → Read More: Mother’s Day Photos

Shooting Today

I went shooting with three good friends today, Russell, Matt, and Ritch. We left Maricopa around 6:45am, hitting the range around 7:15. We all brought our arms and tried each for ourselves. I loved shooting both the shotgun as well as the rifle. I think Russell is still trying to beat my rifle grouping (5″ . . . → Read More: Shooting Today

Eric’s 5 Core Values

I have seen a few lists floating around, so I thought I would start a new one. Core Values. These are my five core values, things that dictate my world view philosophy, values I want to impress upon my children.

Personal Liberty – Personal Choice is paramount to achieving the most rewarding life possible. Responsibility . . . → Read More: Eric’s 5 Core Values


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