First Weekend without Ethan

So this weekend Eric and Uncle Ryan took Ethan and went camping in Flagstaff. This is the first time I have been away from Ethan for two whole nights. It sounded like a great idea while they were planning it, but as it came closer I was not so sure about it. It ended up . . . → Read More: First Weekend without Ethan

Ryan vs. Computers

I don’t know what it is about Ryan and his computers, but he has an uncanny ability to ruin them. It may be his magnetic personality or his lack of showering, but he is very capable, if not the most capable of any person I know, to screw up his computers. And today is no . . . → Read More: Ryan vs. Computers

Cope House Zoo

At 3:30pm today, as I was working from home, my house turned into a zoo. Here are some pics. I am sure Aubrey will share more later.

Stop Scaring Our Kids

I found this article over at Reader’s Digest regarding how parents over react regarding their kid’s safety. It’s general theme aligns very well with my opinion regarding parenting these days. When I was a kid, I played in the AZ-51 construction zone, after midnight, during construction. Do you know what it taught me? Tractors are . . . → Read More: Stop Scaring Our Kids


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