Blood Test Results – 7/14/2011

I’ve provided deltas from last year:

Measurements with which I’m concerned:

Glucose – 78 mg/dL (down from 99) Triglycerides – 64 mg/DL (down from 74)

Measurements with which I’m not concerned:

HDL Cholesterol – 70 mg/dL (up from 37) Total Cholesterol – 247 mg/dL (up from 181)

2010 Blood Test

This is from 6/16/2010

Measurements I’m concerned with:

Glucose – 99 mg/dL Triglycerides – mg/dL

Measurements I’m not concerned with:

HDL Cholesterol – 37 mg/dL Total Cholesterol – 181 mg/dL

Ethan’s swim lessons

Ethan started swim lessons today. He did fantastic! He cried which is expected, but he grabbed the bar as he was instructed to do. He also has great breath control. He takes a breath before she dunks him under the water. He would be under water for three to five seconds before grabbing the bar . . . → Read More: Ethan’s swim lessons

Vitamin D vs. the Flu

A health concious friend of mine sent me a link regarding recent research of the effects of Vitamin D and general diseases. I have always been sceptical of the flu shot. The flu virus mutates so quickly, the medical community has to guess where it will mutate in order to produce enough “vaccine” for the . . . → Read More: Vitamin D vs. the Flu


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