First Weekend without Ethan

So this weekend Eric and Uncle Ryan took Ethan and went camping in Flagstaff. This is the first time I have been away from Ethan for two whole nights. It sounded like a great idea while they were planning it, but as it came closer I was not so sure about it. It ended up . . . → Read More: First Weekend without Ethan

Ethan’s swim lessons

Ethan started swim lessons today. He did fantastic! He cried which is expected, but he grabbed the bar as he was instructed to do. He also has great breath control. He takes a breath before she dunks him under the water. He would be under water for three to five seconds before grabbing the bar . . . → Read More: Ethan’s swim lessons

Eric’s List of 5 Passions/Addictions

Inspired by the Adams’… These are in no particular order…

Exercise – I love exercising in ways that don’t seem like exercise. I play ultimate frisbee (2 hours of sprinting), mountain biking (the cliffs and cacti keep your mind off the calories you are burning), flag football. I love being outdoors, getting my heart rate . . . → Read More: Eric’s List of 5 Passions/Addictions

Maricopa in WSJ

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Right?

25 Things About Me

I love being a mommy. I think it is the most rewarding job because I get to spend all of my time with my little guy and see him grow and do new things every day. I love my husband because he works so that I can stay home and do what I have . . . → Read More: 25 Things About Me

25 things about Eric

Both Matt and Stephanie Adams posted a 25 list, so I jumped on the bandwagon, not to be confused with the Cardinals bandwagon.

My favorite beers are Moose Drool, Fat Tire, Kilt Lifter, and when I’m feeling manly, Arrogant Bastard I am only happy when my plate of life is overwhelmingly full. I want to . . . → Read More: 25 things about Eric


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