Shooting Today

I went shooting with three good friends today, Russell, Matt, and Ritch. We left Maricopa around 6:45am, hitting the range around 7:15. We all brought our arms and tried each for ourselves. I loved shooting both the shotgun as well as the rifle. I think Russell is still trying to beat my rifle grouping (5″ . . . → Read More: Shooting Today

Shooting – 2009-Mar-12

I went shooting with Mario today. It was a great way to spend the morning. I shot around 120 rounds. Below are my results. I did not include the last magazine where I shot one handed from 15 feet. That score was 9/11 out of 12. That means 9 high the 7″ target, and 11 . . . → Read More: Shooting – 2009-Mar-12

Eric & Ritch Shooting

Ritch and I went shooting Friday. It was the first time I fired my brand new Springfield Armory .40 hand gun. I fired 10 magazines for a total of 120 rounds. Walmart has 50 .40 rounds for about $13, making it an affordable trip. We used the range in Casa Grande again. My shooting peaked . . . → Read More: Eric & Ritch Shooting

Shooting on Christmas Eve

The best way to spend the holidays! Ritch took me shooting for Christmas. It was a fantastic experience. We found an free outdoor range (Google Map) down in Case Grande, AZ, about 30 minutes from our neighborhood. He let me shoot his Springfield Armory .40 pistol. Its the pistol I have been dreaming about for . . . → Read More: Shooting on Christmas Eve


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